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About Metal Centre

Our metal centre is in Singapore. Our geographical position in Asia makes metal services like metal cutting, repacking and exporting fast and convenient. Over the years, we have invested in many equipment to meet the demand of large metal supplies. Our metal centre process metals like Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper and Bronze.

Metal Services We Provide

GS Metal provide cutting service for any required sizes upon request. We have the equipment and skilled technicians to do the metal services requested by companies around the world. We cut round metal rods, metal tubes, metal flat bars, metal plates and so forth. Our expert metal cutting specialist can cut at precise measurement like 11mm to 500mm width, within the shortest time. That is why we have been the preferred metal supplier and metal service provider for several companies in Asia and Europe.

Centre Logistics

Our vehicles send out completed metal work daily to various location in Singapore and for export. Our promise is as good as gold, with on time delivery to our customers. Our vehicles come in small van for light weight or urgent deliveries or a 14 feet lorry for bulky deliveries.

If you like, you may contact us to have a visit to our metal centre and discuss how we can assist your business from there.

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